International seminar presentation of

International Medtner Seminar “Medtner Fest XXI”

The Odessa National A. V. Nezhdanova Academy of Music and the Ukrainian organisation “Musicologists in the Culture of the World” invite you to participate in the International Medtner Seminar “Medtner Fest XXI”, dedicated to the works of Russian composer Nikolai Karlovich Medtner (1880–1951), which will take place on October 3-5, 2019.

The organisers propose the following topics:
– disclosure of N. K. Medtner’s role in the worldwide pianistic culture
– reconsideration of scholarly insight to N. K. Medtner as a composer and pianist
– new aspects of performing N. K. Medtner’s compositions

The general communicative strategy of the project is to create an Ukrainian branch of the International Nikolai Medtner Society, and to participate in scientific, creative, and educational activity devoted to the composer.

The seminar programme includes:
– papers on different aspects of Medtner’s oeuvre, such as:
the poetics of Medtner’s piano works in the context of contemporary culture
            – the heritage of Medtner’s chamber and vocal music
            – Medtner’s stylistic ideas in the light of musicological research

– master classes
– concerts
– final concert of participants

Accommodation and food is provided by the organisers. Travels to Odessa are carried out at the expense of the participants.

We kindly ask you to send your applications and proposals to the following addresses:;